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Campaign Advertising
Question: Campaign Advertising

Mr. Bill Siksay (Burnaby—Douglas, NDP):  


Mr. Speaker, my question is for the Minister of State for Sport.


Four shadowy third party groups bought ads endorsing the minister during the campaign. They had the same financial officer, linking them to each other. They had the same address at the office of a senior Conservative political activist, who is on the minister's riding executive, linking them to the minister. One group disclosed that it had obtained lawn signs from the minister's campaign manager, linking them to the minister's campaign. These links are too obvious to ignore.


Can the minister explain?


The Speaker:  


Order. Questions about elections generally are not the administrative responsibility of the government and question period is intended for that purpose.


I do not think the question that the hon. member posed is in order from what I could hear of it. The hon. member for BurnabyDouglas has a supplementary though if he wishes.


Mr. Bill Siksay:


Mr. Speaker, I will try again because it goes to upholding the law that all members of Parliament are required to do.


These are the facts: four unheard of third party groups linked to each other and linked to the minister, one with an explicit link to his campaign manager; advertising spending by the four groups of over $12,000 to endorse the minister's candidacy; spending that if charged to his campaign would put him over the limit.


Does the minister deny these facts? Was this an attempt to circumvent spending--


The Speaker:  


Order. I do not think that is in order for the minister to answer, nor is the question in order because the question does not concern the administrative responsibilities of the government. That is the administrative responsibility of Elections Canada and the member may want to pose his question to the Chief Electoral Officer in due course.